Premium Motor Spirit (PMS):

PMS is also known as Super. It gives greater power to the vehicle, improves mileage and reduces maintenance costs and emissions. It is light hydrocarbon oil for use in internal combustion engines such as motor vehicles, excluding aircraft and is distilled between 35°C and 215°C and is used as a fuel for land based spark ignition engines.

PMS can be found in 2 forms, that is, leaded and unleaded. We sell in bulk i.e. in tankers only.

Regular Motor Spirit (RMS):

Slightly different from PMS and is sold in bulk i.e. in tankers only





Automotive Gas Oil (AGO):

Also known as Diesel. It is ideal for road vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, and cars) powered by

diesel engines. It can also be used to power generators. The fuel is obtained in the mid-boiling range from the distillation and processing of crude oil. Related fuels, such as Industrial Gas Oils (IGOs), which are used for non-road applications including off-road diesel engines, are obtained from the same fraction of the crude oil barrel. We sell in bulk i.e. in tankers only.


Illuminating Kerosene (IK):

Kerosene is a very versatile product and can be used to power jet-engined aircraft (jet-fuel) and some rockets or as domestic fuel for lamps, stoves, cookers. Thus, when the product can be adapted for use for both purposes, it is known as Dual Purpose Kerosene. We sell in bulk i.e. in tankers only.

Refined Products

PMS is also known as Super. It gives greater....


It is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon....

Black Oils

Bitumen is sold in 3 grades. These include Bitumen...


Lubricants are hydrocarbons produced from.......