Bitumen is a black, oily, viscous material that is a naturally-occurring organic byproduct of decomposed organic materials. Bitumen is the heaviest, thickest form of petroleum and is also known as asphalt or tar, bitumen was mixed with other materials throughout prehistory and throughout the world for use as a sealant, adhesive, building mortar, among others. It is flammable.

Bitumen is used to pave roads for our transportation vehicles. Bitumen roads and bitumen driveways are easily laid and provide a cheap cost-effective form of roadwork using different types of modified bitumen. With world oil companies leading the way in the polymer modified bitumen research, we now have many forms of bitumen such as hot rolled asphalt, asphaltic concrete, porous asphalt, stone mastic asphalts and thin surfacing to give contractors a wide range when choosing what type of bitumen road to build.

Bitumen is sold in both bulk and drummed. There are various types as indicated below:



Penetration Grade Bitumen

Cutback Bitumen

Viscosity Grade Bitumen

Bitumen Grade 80/100 for Road Construction

• Bitumen Grade 60/70 for Road Construction

• Bitumen Grade 85/100 for Road Construction

• Bitumen Grade 40/50 for Road Construction

• Bitumen Grade 35/50 for Road Construction

• Bitumen Grade 50/70 for Road



Medium Curing Bitumen :

• MC 30 Cutback Bitumen

• MC 70 Cutback Bitumen

• MC 250 Cutback Bitumen

• MC 800 Cutback Bitumen

• MC 3000 Cutback Bitumen


Viscosity Grade Bitumen:

• VG-10 Bitumen

• VG-20 Bitumen

• VG-30 Bitumen

• VG-40 Bitumen



Paving Grade Bitumen (AS2008)



• Bitumen Class 170

• Bitumen Class 320

• Bitumen Class 600


• Bitumen Grade 6/12

• Bitumen Grade 10/20

• Bitumen Grade 20/30

• Bitumen Grade 30/40

• Bitumen Grade 100/120

• Bitumen Grade 180/200

• Bitumen Grade 160/220





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