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Prisko Petroleum Network Limited brings rich regional petroleum industry knowledge and experience, shared local cultural values and a strong commitment to the development of petroleum market in the East African region.

The Company’s core competencies and strengths are as follows:

  • As an entrepreneurial and privately owned company, the Company has the ability to develop business opportunities rapidly without the large-scale bureaucratic complexities that are encountered by many of its competitors in the petroleum industry.
  • It has long established relationships and access to the region’s key players and decision-makers in Government and Industry. This is a critical component of success and one that is all too often underestimated by new entrants.
  • It has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the cultural and social contexts within which business is conducted in the region.
  • It has a highly competent and internationally experienced team of professionals.
  • It has significant project management expertise, can manage projects on its behalf more efficiently and cost effectively than they can operate themselves in this region.

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