Our Company seeks to be actively involved in exploration geology and geophysics, reservoir engineering, drilling operations, development planning, oilfield construction and operations, export management, commercial and legal issues, trading, HSE management, community and public affairs, and environmental protection and health and safety.

Because a vast majority of the world’s crude oil is exported from one country to another, we as Prisko, understand the unique challenges of the international environment, and we distinguish ourselves through a particular sensitivity to and investment in the people and countries where we do business. We are committed to maintaining the highest environmental standards in our work.

Our solid balance sheet, strong technical expertise, and willingness to pursue innovative deal structures make us a suitable partner as we seek to actively participate in joint ventures, prospects/leasehold, and drill-to-earn opportunities.

It is said that the world energy consumption is expected to expand by 50% over the next 25 years. Growing world economies combined with population increases will create a significantly higher demand for oil and other forms of energy hence the need for exploration and development of new energy projects essential to the long-term health of the world economy.

In today’s global economy, the energy market is complex and volatile, requiring a nuanced understanding of the geopolitical environment, as well as the fluctuating rules of supply and demand. As experts in the energy industry, our business activities are not limited to oil drilling. In addition to energy exploration, we use our experience and expertise to trade oil, gas, and related products in markets around the world.

Prisko has developed a reputation as a partner of choice, working in alliances with major international oil companies.

Refined Products

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Black Oils

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