Business Strategy


Prisko Petroleum Network Limited is uniquely positioned to identify and develop energy-related projects in the East African region resulting    from its long recognised status as an indigenous and independent private sector marketer of all petroleum products.

This is enhanced by its management’s knowledge of the culture and business practices of the region and the Company’s strong relationships with both governments and oil and gas businesses in all countries of the region.

  The key elements of Prisko Petroleum Network Limited’s business strategy are highlighted below:

  • exploration and development of existing acreage, and the acquisition of additional exploration and producing properties in the East African region;
  • expanding upon the existing arrangements to facilitate the development and expansion of the gas market in the East African region, with a view to becoming one of the largest private petroleum marketer and distributor in the market;
  • investment in pipeline interests; and
  • participation in and development of petroleum projects, utilizing the Company’s strong relationships in the East African region.

Refined Products

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It is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon....

Black Oils

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