Prisko Business Case Summary


Prisko is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Products: Prisko sources, contracts, imports, distributes, and exports all kinds of petrol-based products including but not limited to bituminous products, spirits including motor spirit, diesel spirit, oils, industrial fuels, e.g. heavy fuel and industrial diesel oils and Liquefied Petroleum Gases (domestic, industrial, jet fuels).Turnover: € 1.602.940,38 (2011)
Certificates: Prisko is a licensed exporter to Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda
Number of employees: 10
Main clients are all kinds of organizations consuming large volumes such as: industries, governmental organisations, power transmitting companies like Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN).Prisko also exports to surrounding countries: In Uganda e.g. Kampala Steel Mills is a client. Below you will find a Map indicating Prisko’s network:

  • Apex Lubricants Company
  • OAO Russneft
  • OAO Igushneftgazeprom Company
  • Venezuela International Oil

  • The products have an excellent quality:price ratio.
  • Prisko attaches great value to customers, customer service is excellent. This is also why Prisko is currently working on restructuring the logistics department and distribution network to reduce lead times.
  • Prisko has a very broad assortment of products to offer to its clients.
  • Excellent quality control.

  • Companies interested in exporting their products towards the East African market.
  • Companies with expertise in the area of e.g. storage of petroleum products. This because Prisko is working towards enhancing storage facilities and downstream distribution.
  • Strong business partners to team up with in trading, so the rapidly developing East African Market can be serviced better.

  • Supplier
  • Knowledge exchange partner
  • Trade partner
  • Investor
  • Customer

Prisko is an experienced and reliable company and is a strong partner for you if you are interested in moving activities or exporting products to this part of the world.Prisko is a licensed exporter of products towards Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. These licenses can make any collaboration extra interesting; Prisko can open up these markets for you.Prisko could become a customer if you are a Company specialized in services in downstream distribution and infrastructure for oil and gas.Meeting Prisko would be a great opportunity for you to find out more about the rapidly developing market for petrol products in East Africa.

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