Who We Are


  • To evolve and grow into a serious marketer of all petroleum products capturing a significant share of the local market and beyond.
  • intend to work in close partnership with our clients, to achieve sustainable and profitable growth through our cost efficiency and capitalizing on our human assets, knowledge and expertise.

  • To market the Company and develop its products, build as much client base as possible to reach the targeted market segments.
  • To take a leading role in effective competition in order to lead or equal the competition.
  • We aim to support long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress in the regions where we operate, as well as caring for the environment and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources.
  • To create distinctive value. We will succeed in business only by creating value for our customers, our suppliers, employees, and shareholders.
  • We want to achieve consistent and long-term growth of our business, transforming Prisko Petroleum Network Limited into a leading petroleum company. We want to be a reliable supplier of all Petroleum products on the local and international markets.

Prisko Petroleum Network Limited is one of the fastest growing petroleum companies in Kenya, boasting of capability to supply in bulk and with very competitive pricing. Everyday, the Company supplies thousands of litres to its customers and this is made possible by the Company’s advanced supply system that ensures just-in-time delivery of the products to the consumers.

  • To acquire at least 2% of the market share in the next three (3) years.
  • To create new value, maintain business stability and provide shareholders with high return on their investments through asset value appreciation and other valuable returns.

The Company will use all available means to achieve these objectives, including further efforts to effectively reduce costs, operating efficiently, improvement of product and service quality, and application of the latest technologies.Petroleum prices have skyrocketed globally which has greatly affected the global economy and mostly, non-oil producing countries like Kenya. It is therefore our Company’s mandate to source for cost effective petroleum products that would offer competitive prices to the market as well as maintaining quality standards and specifications fit for the local market.

 Integrity
 Trust
 Servant Leadership
 Commercial Focus
 Customer Involvement
 Open Communication
 RespectWe have a strong leadership team implementing a focused strategy that maximizes performance. Looking forward, Prisko Petroleum Network Limited will continue to operate as a global entity unfettered by traditional geographic boundaries.
The Company’s board believes in fair trade, equal distribution of business resources and serious participation in the correction of imbalances in the operating business environment.It believes in equal and level playing field by all players of the industry and fair trading practices by all those involved in the management of oil resources as a serious source of energy, both in the public and the private sector.The Company longs for the day the oil marketers will enjoy a stable pricing mechanism and level playing ground which will ultimately benefit the consumer.

Refined Products

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Black Oils

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