Core Competencies


We use innovation to push technical performance in our continuing search for and recovery of hydrocarbons. We seek to build our asset portfolio through new technologies and strengthened strategic partnerships.

We turn marginal fields into commercial successes and are among the best operators of tight difficult reservoirs. We have solid competencies in integrated field development and we are cost effective, delivering large complex projects on time and on budget without compromising safety.

Corporate Activity

  • Marketing of all types of Petroleum Products (local and International)
  • Exploration interests (Oil Drills)
  • Infrastructure development (Private Oil Pipeline Project)

Operational Excellence

  • Continue to improve customer satisfaction levels to enhance competitive advantage
  • Build infrastructure to support the exploration and oil pipeline projects

Company Growth

  • Generate growth in cash from operations
  • Maintain a team of highly trained and professional staff

Cost Efficiency

  • Competitive bidding process for goods and services
  • Disciplined budgetary controls
  • Cost kept within pre-determined limits


Refined Products

PMS is also known as Super. It gives greater....


It is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon....

Black Oils

Bitumen is sold in 3 grades. These include Bitumen...


Lubricants are hydrocarbons produced from.......